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Celebrity What were they thinking? Jackie Chan Skincare Line

Sometimes you hear about beauty product lines that are so bizarre and farfetched you figure they’re a fake- and then you learn they’re true. I share with you now- the Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line. For REAL.

Yes, this line may not have made it to the UK but it does exist and was launched in 2007.

Here’s what he says about it;

The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care line was introduced at Cosmoprof Asia, the largest and most prestigious international beauty trade event in Asia. Jackie and his business partner Maggie Chu joined forces to produce a line of skin care products which are completely organic. In keeping with Jackie’s history of preserving and protecting the environment, the products are composed of natural ingredients which are non-polluting and all packaging is made using recycled materials.

OK, I like the eco-stance on it- and very forward for 2007- but this makes me laugh really loud. I imagine Chan sweats a fair amount, so that woulsd lend him some credence but still.. would you buy skincare from a man who looks like this?

Yeah, me neither.  A quick google shows zero results under shopping, so I’m guessing this was shortlived.

I like this introspection at strange celebrity beauty product lines, so think I’ll make this a feature!

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Beauty Advert LOL Moment: Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo: Rapunzel


How do you advertise a brand new anti breakage shampoo? I xcame across this great LOL campaign created by Pantene in Canada which showed a giabnt climable Rapunzel ponytail hanging from a building. Passersby got free samples and could climb it!



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