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Fantasy hairwear from PuppycatMeow


I love dressing up. I have special place in my heart for those who take their love of makeup into the real of fantasy, and cosplay queens, manga girls and harajuku honeys make me all warm and gooey inside unicorns and bunnies oh my! I recently found a great Etsy store where the seller specializes in a variety of hair extensions, hair pieces and cool fantasy wigs which give the wearer an amazing decadent Sailor Moon eesque vibe.

Created by PuppyCatMeow there are so many options to choose from, whether you’re going for a steampunk look or an escaped from LOTR movie style. She can take individual orders and hair can be colour matched to your own if you’re looking at her cool buns and braids.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces. Part of the reason I like them so much is the HUGE attention to detail- not only are the pieces great but the styling and makeup is spot on and you do feel transformed somewhere else when you look at the images.

The Rosette barette is really cute, kinda Leia and kinda GaGa headphone hair at the same time, and definitely wearable.


This is an easy to wear piece- the catchy named 3-small-rosettes-made-of-hair-wig-slides. Cute, huh?

Check out h Continue reading

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L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011: The shows

Last night the stars of the hairdressing industry flocked to London from around the UK to celebrate the L’Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy 2011. There were many excited hairdressers glugging the free wine, and it was looking at a menagerie of tropical birds, as all outfits were bright and stylish.

There were two shows before the winners were announced a stunning visual performance from Charlie le Mindu, whose models sashayed down the catwalk in booty shorts with a trendy east London vibe- the key piece being the giant L’OREAL head piece worn (see above).

Guy Kremer also put on a show, with help from opera diva Annie Lovell and beautiful make models dressed as instruments, with strings across their torso and who ‘played’ themselves.

Sophistication, couture and the esoteric blended perfectly, as models holding mirrors danced with ladies in draping black robes.

I’ve mixed up the images below for variety, but I think you can tell which team is which. The shows were spectacular, and truly showed how artistic hair has become.

The overall winner- I know you want to know- was the Russell Eaton salon from Leeds.

-All pictures taken by ME; use if you wish, but please attribute. Continue reading

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Happy Faces hairdressing keep kids from going (Lady) GaGa

I love my time at the hairdresser as it’s an oasis out of everyday life. I can sip a sparkling drink, discuss holiday plans and scroll my way through Cosmo, Psychologies and FHM (well, if it’s there..). I’m an adult though, and the same relaxing value doesn’t apply to kids who often HATE the experience. Boring adults fussing over the, touching them- no thanks! This is why Happy Faces is such a genius idea. Kid friendly salons DO exist, but this is the first I’ve seen with such a huge theme to it.

There is a Clapham salon, with another to open soon in Fulham, and the whole layout is designed to resemble a jungle gym meets Barbie Dream House style. OK, that’s a tall order, but often kids DO fall into certain gender stereotypes at a young age (not discussing this now, just saying).

The salon features AMAZING kid sized chairs which you sit in as you would a theme park ride. Options Thomas the Tank Engine, a jet aeroplane and a pink Cadillac (swoon). Each chair has a flatscreen TV for the kid to watch stuff on.

Staff are trained in kids hair, meaning they’re kinder to tangles and possibly have a supply of lollipops.

I love it- I just wish there was an adult version! What do you think- are you raring to take your kid here now?

Check out Happy Faces here. Continue reading

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Ghetto fabulous hair!

There are many styles of hair that I go meh at, and then there are those hairstyles that make my mouth drop open and my eyes boggle. The Ghetto Fabulous blog is one such source, filled to the brim with the bizarre and the extreme. Here are a few of the photos that have made me laught out loud- are you as Ghettofabulous as these folks are?

Who doesn’t love bling?

Just zip it.. twice.

No words.

Sonic in Real Life

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Blake Lively channels Princess Ariel with red hair

Celebrities with red hair is a recent trend and one I can’t get enough of. Drew Barrymore looks HOT as a redhead, and now Blake Lively is taking a turn as a fiery lady. The long waves give her a mermaid like quality (well, that and the blue dress) and it makes her look edgy and cooler than her usual tousled golden brown locks. I can’t imagine she’ll keep it this way (unless she quits Gossip Girl and tried to be taken seriously in films) but it’s cute and I think it makes her look great.
Spot the difference? Ariel is wearing less clothes, but check out Blake Lively on a different day and that might change… (well, she has the body for it!) Continue reading

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Kerastraight hair straightener challenges GHD’s

We’ve heard lots of good things about the Keratin hair treatment in the last year, and now we have the KeraStraight Titanium Straightening Iron to whip your hair into shape. Harnessing negative ions to close the cuticle and leave you with silky locks, these straighteners look like they’ll be able to face up to the GHD big boys. They feature a temperature range of 130-210 degrees and help banish frizz and leave locks looking lustrous.

Get the KeraStraight Titanium Straightening Iron for  £125 Continue reading

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Loving Christina Aguilera’s hair extensions

So many hair extensions look tacky and fake and I have to give Christina Aguilera the thumbs up for her hair look. Sure, the length may be a little phony (OK, a lot) but the hair looks in nice condition, is well cut so it doesn’t fall in an odd ‘one layer’ divide, and her real hair is expertly blended into the mermaid blonde locks. Kudos Christina- if only other celebs could take note of this! Continue reading

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