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What would go in your beauty hamper?

I was recently the lucky recipient of a delightful Regency Hamper (well, it is Xmas time). It was Grrrreat (in the words of Tony the Tiger). Posh shortbread, wine, three types of cheese, amazing chocolate- well, it didn’t last long, but it had me smiling all day.

It did get me thinking though- wouldn’t it be cool to have a Beauty themed Xmas hamper, with all the bits and bobs you might need to see you through Xmas?  You know, everything from the useful (bobby pins) to the extravagant? They should totally do that!

Here’s what would be in my beautiful Xmas hamper!

Henry Holland Tights Continue reading

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Christmas Nail Art for festive fun times!

My recent post on Christmas Nail Art had me feeling all festive and gooey inside, so I decided to check out more Santa style nail art on the web. Once again, these aren’t nails I personally created, think of me … Continue reading

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Pupa Angel Globe Make-up Collection

Pupa isn’t a brand you hear very much about nowadays. This could be becauses they’re concentrating on their overseas clients, but I feel that’s a shame, especially when we get makeup palettes/ornaments that are as decorative as this. The Pupa Milano Angel Globe looks like it should be dangling from the Christmas tree, and is filled with bright Duplo-esuqe colours.

I’m not sure I love the colour selection, but you get a huge amount of choice, with lips catered to as well:

  • compact blush
  • 3 compact ultra-bright eyeshadows
  • 1 applicator for eye products
  • 4 shiny lipcolours
  • 7 cream lipcolours
  • 2 lip glosses with glitter

That’s a lot of product! Sure, you may never use it, but I barely use any of my palettes, I just admire the pretty colour combos and designs on the lid. Continue reading

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT Christmas Necklace Edition

I’m a big fan of Jean Paul Gaultier scents, and yes, I totally admit that’s partly due to the AMAZING bottles. The latest one from their stable is equally stunning, the traditional Classique bottle with a new style. The corset has come off, and the baubles are out, a pretty (and detachable) necklace of silvery bubbles. It looks so lush, and the fact that it’s a limited edition makes me want it even more. It’s scented with Ginger, Orange Blossom and Vanilla, mmmm. Continue reading

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Christmas Nail Art is Snowman special

I love Christmas. Think presents, repetitive songs and baubles and twinkly lights everywhere. Oh, and did I mention the NAIL ART? Yes, now you can draw (or try to) Santa’s, snowmen, anything seasonal and snowflaky to your hearts content.

I’d like to claim that I created the above designs, but they are all from Fashion Fame, where there is an amazing amount of Christmas inspired nail art for you to ogle. There are some great tutorials included- I’m off to try the snowman version on my nails right now. Fingers crossed. Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts for your Secret Santa: Below £5

Secret Santa is a strange thing. On one hand it’s a great way to minimize your spending, on the other you have a minimal budget to buy the lady from marketing something personal and unique. £5 is hard to spend, and you’re trying really hard to be both thoughtful and cheap. What do you do if you don’t know them very well? Tricky, tricky. Here’s my gift guide to great secret santa purchases, that are £5 and below. I’ve also included some for men (you can thank me later).

Calvin Klein Nail Varnish, £3.49 from Direct Cosmetics

This comes in well under budget- but looks like you spent over. Available in a bunch of shades, this is thoughtful and inoffensive.

Cupcake Bath Fizzers, £5 from Next

Cute and well packaged, this is a present that would make most women happy.

New Look Flower Hair Band, £4.99 from New Look

Great for the office fashionista, this pretty hairband is very desirable.

Gelli Baff, £4.95 from Prezzybox

Turn their bath into cool coloured goo- a great gift for someone with a playful side.

Union Jack hair Straightener mat, £4.99 from Tk Maxx

Know someone who loves her GHD’s? Keep her surfaces safe with this cool heat mat.


Burton beanie, £6- but currently 20% off

Not the most exciting gift, but practical!

Chocolate pills, £4.95 from Prezzybox

Do they get man flu a lot? This is the best gift for them then! Continue reading

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