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Pro Nailz knuckle dusters- acrylic nails meet gold and bronze!

I love rings, I love nail varnish, I love nail art, Put them together and what do you get? Erm, knuckle dusters which painted acrylic nails as the stones. This isn’t the first strange use of nails we’ve seen, but I simply can’t make my mind up about thees, They are part of the ‘Costume Costume’ exhibition, showcased by the Opulent Projects and created by Islay Taylor, and he used precious materials such as gold plated bronze to hold the coloured nails. I like that they’re being playful and the name ‘Pro Nailz’ is cute, but I just don’t know if I’d want to wear these. perhaps they’re just too busy and if there was less going on I’d be more attracted? I am a huge knuckle duster fan so I think they might grow on me.. I just don’t know. Continue reading

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Beauty Blogging Link Love July 2011

Musicalhouses shows you an awesome Bird of Paradise/sunset inspired eye look using the Sleek Curacao Palette – possibly the brightest eye look ever! Beauty’s Bad Habit shows gorgeous eyeshadow swatches of her first love in indie cosmetics, the fabulous Fyrinnae … Continue reading

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Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish to get some Wintery new additions

Collection 2000 are a long term fave brand of mine- cheap products that deliver and you never need to fee guilty about buying them. They have nails hades in soooo many colours and their Hot Looks Nail Polish range is a personal favourite of mine. Here we have four sultry winterish shades with a decadent forties vibe, and YES I know it’ summer- that’s why we look forward to this, not rave about it now. With names like Jitterbug, Starlet and Shimmy Shake (I’ll leave you to work out which is which) I think they’ll be dazzling for winter and the gold is top of my nail lust list.

In Superdrug from the 31st August, £1.79 each. Continue reading

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Red or Dead Release Me : First fragrance in the Red or Dead Family!

Red or Dead is a brand ‘ve had an on-off love affair with for years. They do a lot I really like- they have great colours, a stunning array of tights, glasses frames that are slick and stylish and some very cool shoes. The fashion hasn’t always excited me that much though- but the fact they’re going into scent is exciting.

Call Red or Dead Release Me, you can expect a floral scent with a yummy coconut base. Notes include rose and plum on the top with a muskier base of  tuberose, coconut and cedarwood. The bottle is super cute- a little silver birdcage, and I love that it comes in a tin box- perfect for storing jewellery.

The image used in their shoot is stunning as well- and makes me think seriously about going the redhead route. They showed some stills from the shoot on their Facebook page and its nice to see behind the brand.

It will be £25 for 50ml from the 1st September 2011.

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Fantasy hairwear from PuppycatMeow


I love dressing up. I have special place in my heart for those who take their love of makeup into the real of fantasy, and cosplay queens, manga girls and harajuku honeys make me all warm and gooey inside unicorns and bunnies oh my! I recently found a great Etsy store where the seller specializes in a variety of hair extensions, hair pieces and cool fantasy wigs which give the wearer an amazing decadent Sailor Moon eesque vibe.

Created by PuppyCatMeow there are so many options to choose from, whether you’re going for a steampunk look or an escaped from LOTR movie style. She can take individual orders and hair can be colour matched to your own if you’re looking at her cool buns and braids.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces. Part of the reason I like them so much is the HUGE attention to detail- not only are the pieces great but the styling and makeup is spot on and you do feel transformed somewhere else when you look at the images.

The Rosette barette is really cute, kinda Leia and kinda GaGa headphone hair at the same time, and definitely wearable.


This is an easy to wear piece- the catchy named 3-small-rosettes-made-of-hair-wig-slides. Cute, huh?

Check out h Continue reading

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MAC Turquatic fragrance a summer scorcher


Somehow the fact that MAC occasionally does limited edition scents has escaped me, but I’m excited about the upcoming  Turquatic fragrance.

The word combo makes me think of turquoise, aqua and excitement, and whilst I have NO idea what turquouse smells like, aqua should be light and breezy, and the MAC brand is bound to make it full of sparks.

The scent is crisp and fresh- they’ve blended mineral water through lotus leaves and added some anemone, orris and blue cedar for sweet light notes- perhaps the faintest hint of musk? Sounds like a nice light scent for summer and I like the bottle- looks like a grown up version of Cool Water- and another excuse to hit MAC up.

Date scheduled for release is August 11th in the USA.

[via] Continue reading

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