Morphine Lipstick for va va venom?

Morphine has elements of glamour about it. Sure, it’s a hard drug that’s not great for your health, but I think dark night, smoky opium pits, glamour, a True Blood mash up of decadence and devilishness. This is why I’m drawn to the Morphine Lipstick, though it’s not quite what I expected. I though dark red, succulent, maybe with a pouting ingredient added (for the extra burn) and instead I got a peachy coloured lip balm that’s chocked full of essential oils including blackcurrant and seed oil. It’s flavoured with mango, but still has an edge- they’ve used an ingredient that will make your lips go numb, yes NUMB and make your boyfriend’s lips tingle! Not sure how they’ve done this, the secret is in the essential oils U guess!

It’s named after the Kill Hannah song “Lips Like Morphine” where the kiss is so powerful that it leaves you numb and gasping for air.

I like the idea- think it might go onto my wishlist!

$19.50 from Morphine Lips

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