Gucci gives the Fiat 500 a facelift with the 500byGucci

The Fiat 500 is traditionally a girls car. Fiat might argue against this, but the legions of women in love with this baby would protest otherwise.It’s small, it’s zippy, heck it’s so cute it almost looks like it’s smiling, which means I’m quite happy saying this is a car that I’d happily drive around town, decorated with a furry steering wheel (or two).

To celebrate Gucci’s 90th anniversary (wow!) and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, the brands are joing forces to create a super stylish Fiat500 which has been Gucci’d to the hilt.

The humble Fiat500 has had a couture car makeover, with a glossy pearl glass paint exterior and a choice of shiny or stain chrome interior (depending on the car colour). The traditional Gucci stripes give the car a racing feel, whilst added extras such as contrasting black and ivory panels and two tone leather seats give it a fel of luxury. The signature Gucci print is repeated inside the car, with the Guccissima print on the seatbelt and seats and the interior looks beautiful and strokeable, and would make for a comfortable journey.

 I wasn’t sure about this idea to begin with, as I thought a Porsche/Gucci collab might make more sense, but I like how they’ve given luxurious touches to an affordable car, and the sleek design is attarctive not tacky. Gucci has an image of glamour and attractiveness and they have done a good job of combining this with car elements.


The Fiat 500 by Gucci will be available in the UK with 2 engine sized, 1.2 litres  £14,565 OTR  and 0.9 litres for £15,765 OTR. The low engine size should keep your insurance low which is a bonus! This Italian car is truly divine, and it makes me want to renew my driving licence and invite some of the lovely looking Gucci models to come and party with me!

[This post was sponsored, but opinion is 100% honest]


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One Response to Gucci gives the Fiat 500 a facelift with the 500byGucci

  1. Charli says:

    I love it! A Gucci car is something I have always wanted. I am seriously would love to have this as my new car

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