Sorcerer’s Spinal Cord candle celebrates the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows finale

What can you say about these spinal cord candles, other than how cool they are? As I’m at a loss for words, I’ll share with you the Etsy sellers blurb.

‘On July 15th the forces commanded by the Dark Lord will unleash their evil powers. How will the world prepare for the fight? What chances of surviving the horror have mere muggles like myself and billions of unsuspecting others?

This time around both wizards and muggles must join forces to defeat the dark horde. I created this light as a symbol of our commitment to the fight. It lifts the magical vale between our worlds flashing like a beacon, drawing the power of love, uniting them in the struggle. It creates a polarized aura that prevents the dark from entering. The more candles are lit, the stronger their combined power to channel love and repel darkness which in turn gives more strength to the fighting wizards and witches.

With it we stand a chance and the more people light them on the night of the attack, the stronger the forces of light will be. Prepare for this battle, light the Sorcerer’s Candle on July 15th and repel darkness.’

The candles are handmade and look stunning and I find it funny that they were inspired by the new Harry Potter film. I’d never light them though that would be like burning art!

£32.70 from Etsy

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