My dream makeup desk: As seen at Lina Cameron’s!

Not so long ago I was interviewing a makeup artist (the lovely Lina Cameron) for her tips on smokey eyes, when I stopped concentrating on her words of wisdom and starting getting major infatuation over her makeup desk. See, it was no ordinary makeup mirror/ desk combo, no it was a beautiful Hollywood style lightbulb popping mirror with places for brushes, powders et al- and it folded up into a wheelable trolley. Cue girly screaming and incessant off topic quizzing about the lush looking trolley.

Frustratingly I was told she bought it in East Asia and she didn’t know of any stockists. I found it recently online, and it still looks just as lovely. but also just as out of reach. It’s a pretty heavy case, so shipping would be more than it’s worth! Sob.

Still.. it might be worth it? What say you?

You can get it here- but shipping will be a LOT

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