Seven sweet Tips to keep your wallet holiday happy

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I love holidays and travel as much as I can, so thought this would be a good time to share with you the tips I’ve picked up from my travels! Here’s my top seven ways to save that holiday cash!

1. Cut Call costs
Get gadget savvy before you go and you’ll save a lot of cash in the long run. Many mobile operators require you to give up to two weeks’ notice if you’re going abroad- otherwise you’ll get penalized for calls made AND received. Think about investing in a special holiday SIM card such as UK2 Abroad with cheap fixed rates on dialling different countries.  If you can’t bear to leave your iPhone at home, invest in a micro SIM card cutter for your iPhone and Apple joy abroad is yours.

2. Be the currency Queen
It’s easy to get confused when travelling abroad as the exchange rates vary, banks are unhelpful and carrying loads of strange coins is a nightmare. Check the currency rate before you go on and then change up some money in advance before you go- don’t get stuck at the airport with zero £! Change your money BEFORE the airport as they do worse rates there than at the post office, so you’ll get more cash for your, er, cash. Many cards charge you money to withdraw cash abroad, so look into registering a credit card which allows for free withdrawals such as the Halifax Charity card. It will also mean that when you buy expensive goods (over £100) you have increased buyer protection.

3. Get Groupon savvy
We’re massive Groupon fans in the UK, but did you realize it actually started in the USA? Make the most of it before your trip by buying cheap activities in the country you’re going too. At the moment you can get 2 for 1 meals in Calais, and lovely hair treatments for $20 in Seattle!

4. Strut your student stuff
If you’re lucky enough to have a student card you’ll be able to get great discounts everywhere you go, from reduced admission at museums and theme parks to low cost hostel rooms. If you’re not if the student persuasion but under 35 you might still qualify for some discounts abroad- so always enquire when you book. A winning smile never hurts either!

5. Cheap transport from Craigslist
I’m not going to suggest you use a site like Couchsurfing for free rooms (whilst reputable, can be a bit scary) but using Craigslist(much bigger abroad than in the UK!) for free rides around the place your visiting is fine. It’s great to check it if you’re travelling to a festival as the likelihood is lots of people will be going that way, and sharing cash for petrol is cheaper than a taxi. You might make some friends as well!

6. Smart Beauty buyer
Make sure to pack all the products you love into your bag- there’s no telling if Spain will have your favourite shampoo or cotton buds, and cutting back on your products to save space in your suitcase can be a costly mistake. Don’t go crazy buying stuff from every boutique to go to- have a beauty checklist depending on the region (L’Occitane for example in France) and stock up on hard to get items. Make the most of duty free as well- many airports let you buy stuff and pick it up on the way home-woo!

7.App-tastic Adventures
There are a lot of great apps out there and investing in the right ones before you travel can save you a lot of money and stress (on which you can’t put a price). Think about downloading Wordlens- an app that translates menus and signs into the language of your choice, and getting a online phrasebook for your mobile phone. On The Beach also offers a customized app that shows you the nearest beaches to your location- as well as the more secret beaches which you might never discover-sweet!

Now you just have to think about where you want to go….

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6 Responses to Seven sweet Tips to keep your wallet holiday happy

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  2. Lisa R says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Grouponm- use it all the time in the UK and always forget they have other countries as well!

  3. Dan says:

    It’s not just groupon, myvouchercodes and other voucher code sites sometimes have holiday discounts available.

  4. Kellz11 says:

    The WordLens app looks interesting- I like the idea of being able to understand menus abroad.

  5. Jenna says:

    hope u win!x

  6. Laura Ellen says:

    Like the sound of the beach app- but what about paying for the we on your phone?

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