Happy Faces hairdressing keep kids from going (Lady) GaGa

I love my time at the hairdresser as it’s an oasis out of everyday life. I can sip a sparkling drink, discuss holiday plans and scroll my way through Cosmo, Psychologies and FHM (well, if it’s there..). I’m an adult though, and the same relaxing value doesn’t apply to kids who often HATE the experience. Boring adults fussing over the, touching them- no thanks! This is why Happy Faces is such a genius idea. Kid friendly salons DO exist, but this is the first I’ve seen with such a huge theme to it.

There is a Clapham salon, with another to open soon in Fulham, and the whole layout is designed to resemble a jungle gym meets Barbie Dream House style. OK, that’s a tall order, but often kids DO fall into certain gender stereotypes at a young age (not discussing this now, just saying).

The salon features AMAZING kid sized chairs which you sit in as you would a theme park ride. Options Thomas the Tank Engine, a jet aeroplane and a pink Cadillac (swoon). Each chair has a flatscreen TV for the kid to watch stuff on.

Staff are trained in kids hair, meaning they’re kinder to tangles and possibly have a supply of lollipops.

I love it- I just wish there was an adult version! What do you think- are you raring to take your kid here now?

Check out Happy Faces here.

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