Sleek MakeUP’s Mediterranean Collection (including the MONACO i-DIVINE)

Sleek MakeUP’s  Limited Edition Mediterranean Collection fills we with excitement. I love the bright bold shades that will blend to give me a great summer look, the Santorini blush is a perfect juicy pink (which I keep calling Sangria.. must just have that on the brain) and there’s also a pretty Pout Polish in a glistening Monte Carlo shade, full of SPF15 and a sticky kissable allure that I love.

The prized possession must be the MONACO i-DIVINE, 12 piece eyeshadow palette full of scorching shades.. They’re pleasantly muted, and whilst some (the purples and green) add vibrancy, much of the selection gives you neutral with a twist- and their famous black shade is in there to make lining the eyes a doddle.

Here’s a sneaky peek of the collection!

Get these products from Superdrug stores nationwide and online at from the 8th Jun 2011.

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