Would you work out at a nudist gym?

I’m no prude but I believe there’s a time and a place for nudity and I don’t think the gym is that. Bad enough the show offs int he changing rooms, les not get naked on the machines. Think of the extra effort of wiping it down after!

A gym in Spain disagrees though, and is offering nude workout to members of the local nudist community. The Easy Gym in Arrigorriaga encourages people to strip off whilst getting in shape. Hmm. Strangely it’s not the only nude workout place in the area- two local pools also offer nude swims. Nothing wrong with consensual nudity, I just think I’d find all the sweat (and the smell!) a bit unhygienic, not to mention distracting. Do you really want to see bare breasts/ man bits bobbing along on a treadmill? Yeah, me neither.

[via BBC]

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