Five celebrities that I wish had makeup ranges

Dita Von Teese
Yes, she has a perfume (OK, collab with Agent Provocateur) but a mini collection with a trusty red lipstick, black ultimate eyeliner and white face powder would be great. I’ve heard she’s in discussion with some big brands so fingers crossed we FINALLY get this.

Jordan/ Katie Price
The lady likes to live to excess, so why shouldn’t her makeup line? Key products; The Ultimate fake tan, Fake lashes and a lip plumping gloss. OK, they might be overblown and tacky, but that has been a proven success formula for her and aspiring glamour girls.

Kim Cattrall
If I looked that good at 30 I’d be happy and she’s 54!. Key products; Age defying foundation, face primer and a one size fits all blush. Add a skincare line and I’d be first in the queue.

Tyra Banks

Black women are under represented in the makeup market and Tyra and her amazing attitude would be a great person to create a foundation line. Her makeup is always amazing as well, I want whatever highlighter she recommends.

Lily Allen

Lily doesn’t always get it right beauty wise, but I am a fan of her lipstick choices. I think a small lip range of bold colours from this lady would be great. Make it affordable though- her shop (Lucy in Disguise) has obscene prices!

[Image source]

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