DD+ Bikini Delights

I happen to be rather well endowed up top, and despite what Playboy would have you believe find it rather hard to find swimwear that looks flattering– and young and fun. Thankfully in the last few years brands have cottoned on to this, and here is my slection of bikini options for women who are more than a D cup handful.

La Senza’s 50s style Polka Dot bikini:

Looks lovely in the larger cup sizes and the colour is so fresh and fun. £22 for the set (separate top and bottoms) from La Senza

Leopard print Bikini Top from ASOS

Va Va voom. That’s pretty much it! £18 from ASOS

ASOS animal print halter top

This is ultra cute, and I love animal prints! This is from the ASOS D+ range. £16 from ASOS.

Pour Moi Azure Bikini

Can you believe this is a D+ bra (all the way to F!). No, me neither- haven’t things changed. £24 from ASOS.

Freya Riveria Tankini Set

Tankinis can be a great option if you’re tummy conscious and this style is so cute! £43 from Figleaves.

Ruffle red bikini La Senza

This is a very cute set, and I like how it makes you look so dramatic and Spanish (or that might be the model!). £32 for whole set

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