GetLenses offer eye makeup remover: Smart cookies!

I’m a long term wearer of contact lenses, poor eyesight and vanity meaning I’ve worked my way through Acuvue, Focus and Specsavers own brand range. I tend to like buying my lenses online as you get a reduced rate, and have recently become a fan of GetLenses. Not only can you get lenses at a discount rate, but they now also sell eye makeup remover- a very smart idea!!

They’re offering a selection of eye makeup removers, and eye cream, both products I use regularly and would be willing to add to my cart when I’m checking out. I reckon Specsavers/Boots Opticians should take note of this, good on you Get Lenses! They also say they’ll soon be selling eyeliner and mascara…

Here are some GetLenses eyecare tips.

1. Know when to put your lenses in: With a strong prescription you’ll need to put your lenses in before applying your make up to see what you’re doing. But as a general rule, apply your overall make up first, put your lenses in, then apply mascara and eye liner

2. Stop the smudges with waterproof eye liner and mascara

3. Hypo-allergenic will always be kinder to your eyes. offers a range of products which are ultra-gentle, formulated uniquely with non-ionic tensio-active ingredients, with a pH identical to tears and suited to even the most sensitive eyes and particularly for contact lens wearers. Mascara and eye liners coming soon.

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