BaByliss Big Hair Product Review

There’s a couple of thimgs I look for in a hair styling tool. My goal is thick shiny straight hair and anything that manages one out of those three requirements is pretty good. The Babyliss Big Hair purports to give you added volume- great for the seventies trend that’s sweeping the catwalk- but would it live up to expectations?

The brush is BIG, so be warned. I was surprised by how wide the barrel was- my hands could barely close around it and it wasn’t especially light either. It features a brush head with a big barrel grip, and comes with a purple brush head protector. The Babyliss Big Hair has three heat settings, cool, warm and hot and two buttons to make it rotate in different directions. It comes with a super skinny (yay) manual which basically tells you to use it on wet or dry hair, and rotate sections till they tighten to create hair oomph.

It sounded easy enough so I had a go. The brush glided well through my hair, with the heat being manageable. I used it on half my head- one side I blowdried normally as I wanted to compare the volume and ease of use. Then I pressed the two rotating buttons and woah! The brush wriggled into action, and my hair tangled in a section. After a few more attempts I got the hang of it, releasing the rotating button when the pull was too much, and pressing the other button to help the release. I did notice that the brush seemed to be more ‘volume effective’ when used nearer the roots and gave my hair a lifted look.

The Babyliss Hot Hair also was a great tool for DRYING my hair which was a surprise as I didn’t need to use a hairdryer and my hair dried within 15 minutes. Another bonus surprise was that it seemed to act as a straightener (it may just be my hair) as my hair was left looking like I’d used the GHD’s ( I hadn’t) after a session with it.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised and can honestly say this isn’t a gimmick. Don’t expect to end up with a beehive, but if you want shiny straight hair with a little lift at the crown, well this is your next hair styling tool.

Get the BaByliss Big Hair for £45.97 from Tesco Beauty Direct.

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