Beauty training in the sun: No more Beauty School Dropouts

Frenchie was always my favourite Grease character. I don’t know if it was her boundless enthusiasm, her love of new people or her sugar high voice that I loved, but she definitely rated higher than the wimpish Sandy in my books. She was the only student suffering career anxiety and her beauty school days were fraught with bad air jobs and worries- something we can all appreciate, Maybe if she’s been studying on a beautiful island she wouldn’t have flunked out, and that’s just what Mathparri is offering in their Lanzarote beauty training facility.

They have created a training facility where trainees can learn how to learn everything they need to make it as a beautician and run a salon. The course runs for 2 months and they say it will ‘impart the necessary experience to gain employment in the thriving Hair & Beauty industry, or indeed to set up on their own account.’. Well, for £4600, it should!

They offer treatments the chance of getting real AND fake tans, and 200 hours of training.

Sounds good to me!

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