Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipsticks and Mascaras S/S 2011

I love Anna Sui cosmetics and it’s a constant source of sadness that they’re not commonly found in the UK. They’re always so pretty, with sweet little touches and gentle flourishes of decoration that you start to drool when you look at them. I love the look of the latest Anna Sui Dolly Girl collection as the lippies and and mascaras are adorable to look at. Each lipstick has its own distinct personality, and I love the cheeky wink of 003.

There are three mascaras as well- lengthening (red packaging), volumizing (blue) and curling (yellow).  I can’t tell you how ell they work, or how good the quality is, but I can say that they are SO pretty, and I want them for the sheer joy of the packaging.

Find out more about this (if you can- the website is horrible and Flash-y filled) here.

[via A Touch of Blusher]

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