What does your Mum smell of?

Here’s a little bit of pre Mother’s day rambling for you (and yes, I know V day was yesterday). In the light of the many press releases I have been getting in honour of Mother’s day I have been wondering just what Mum actually smells like. Companies would have me believe that she is Rose, Lavender, Hyacinth (Ok, anything Yardley-esque) but is that really true and fair?

Maybe Mums of a certain generation are that way (anyone born pre 1960 possibly?) but ,any of the Mums I know today are young, funkier things who wouldn’t be seen dead in a Snuggie, unlike some of their kids.

My mum smells like Anais Anais, despite the fact that she hasn’t used it for years, I remember it sitting on her dresser, feminine and slightly clinical with the roll on deodorant like top and the faintest whiff of roses it exuded. Sitting on her dresser (antique style when modern was in) it seemed forlorn rather than glamorous, a way for her to spritz away the long hours of her job and the traffic jams on the way to work.
Evening was Dior, a darker richer smell that stung my eyes and made my nose wrinkle up, one that seemed to infuse everything it touched with an aura of adulthood, impossibly dark, thick, almost cloaking in its vibrance and something that just didn’t attract me.

Now I’m older my scent library has changed, and though I still love vanilla I can wear more- jasmine, woody heady scents, lemon.. but Anais Anais still gives me chills.

What does your Mum smell of- and is it something you can stomach?

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