What would go in your beauty hamper?

I was recently the lucky recipient of a delightful Regency Hamper (well, it is Xmas time). It was Grrrreat (in the words of Tony the Tiger). Posh shortbread, wine, three types of cheese, amazing chocolate- well, it didn’t last long, but it had me smiling all day.

It did get me thinking though- wouldn’t it be cool to have a Beauty themed Xmas hamper, with all the bits and bobs you might need to see you through Xmas?  You know, everything from the useful (bobby pins) to the extravagant? They should totally do that!

Here’s what would be in my beautiful Xmas hamper!

Henry Holland Tights

Viktor and Rolf Limited Edition Flowerbomb

Denman Hairbrush

Orly Tis the Season Nails

Elemis Nourishing Milk Skin Bath

Star Dressing Gown

So, these are my starter hamper buys- I’m sure I could go on.. and on.. and on! What would be in yours?

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