Pupa Angel Globe Make-up Collection

Pupa isn’t a brand you hear very much about nowadays. This could be becauses they’re concentrating on their overseas clients, but I feel that’s a shame, especially when we get makeup palettes/ornaments that are as decorative as this. The Pupa Milano Angel Globe looks like it should be dangling from the Christmas tree, and is filled with bright Duplo-esuqe colours.

I’m not sure I love the colour selection, but you get a huge amount of choice, with lips catered to as well:

  • compact blush
  • 3 compact ultra-bright eyeshadows
  • 1 applicator for eye products
  • 4 shiny lipcolours
  • 7 cream lipcolours
  • 2 lip glosses with glitter

That’s a lot of product! Sure, you may never use it, but I barely use any of my palettes, I just admire the pretty colour combos and designs on the lid.

£19.99 from Spoiled Brat

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