Benefit Dollshouse Perfume set

I love perfume as much as the next girl, but I;ve never really though about playing dress up with my bottle and have them dance and talk to eachother. Benefit aren’t QUITE suggesting that with their Benefit Dollshouse, but the idea is there and it won’t go away. This impressive looking monument to perfume will set you back £400 from Selfridges (the purveyor of things pretty and overpriced) and hosts all perfumes in the Benefit perfume range. The price covers way more than the scents though, it includes the Crescent Row style housing that they sit in, complete with individual balconies. It certainly looks lovely, but sizewise, it’;s pretty immense, so you’d need a very big dresser to keep it on. Is it a good idea to sell something most people don’t have space for, and by making a ‘dollshouse’- well, what does that indicate that people think, or DO? with their scent. Makeup, sure, you play with that, but perfume. Ummm.

Can you imagine this little girl being this happy if there were perfumes rather than dolls in the house? No, me neither. And what a twisted world that would be, if that were a real option…

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