Josie from Big Brother 10 has a perfume

I suppose a scent was inevitable, but I really though Josie Gibson had more class than this. Then again, who wouldn’t want to try and make as much cash as you could, as the winner of the last ever Big Brother. Had I been able to bring myself to call the expensive phone line, she would have been my number one to win. I liked her attitude, her insecurities, heck, she was a girls girl. So what would she smell like? Sugar and spice and all things nice? The Josie I fell in love with would have been all about the chip butties and curries, so it’s a shame that her scent doesn’t reflect her, rather the usual celeb fare of  a ‘cocktail of mandarin, apple, and peach’ with extra notes of vanilla musk and amber. Yep, generic celeb, 100%.

The name is rather unimaginative as well, and even more annoyingly, it doesn;t come with any updates on her and John James- are they together, what;s planned for the future the gossip we all (well, me anyways) want to know. Till i find that out, I can smell what her marketing people have declared is appropriate. Sigh. I won;’t be getting this, but I still support her. Fingers crossed there’s no fitness DVD in the pipeline, I don’t think my sarcasm meter could take that.

£19.50 from the Perfume Shop

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