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What would go in your beauty hamper?

I was recently the lucky recipient of a delightful Regency Hamper (well, it is Xmas time). It was Grrrreat (in the words of Tony the Tiger). Posh shortbread, wine, three types of cheese, amazing chocolate- well, it didn’t last long, but it had me smiling all day.

It did get me thinking though- wouldn’t it be cool to have a Beauty themed Xmas hamper, with all the bits and bobs you might need to see you through Xmas?  You know, everything from the useful (bobby pins) to the extravagant? They should totally do that!

Here’s what would be in my beautiful Xmas hamper!

Henry Holland Tights Continue reading

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Christmas Nail Art for festive fun times!

My recent post on Christmas Nail Art had me feeling all festive and gooey inside, so I decided to check out more Santa style nail art on the web. Once again, these aren’t nails I personally created, think of me … Continue reading

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Collection 2000 Lock n Hold Lip Gloss

Summer seems an aeon away, but these bright looking glosses have me holding out hope for warmer weather.. well, at some point anyways. This six piece collection will be hitting stores on March 16th 2011, and are designed to keep colour on your lips- not your glass, sandwich, or boyfriend! They say that the glosses have six hours of staying power, which would be pretty impressive.

The sixe colours are as follows: Body Pop (bright pink), Beat Box (dark red), Rock Steady (peach), Break Dance (coral), Urban Punk (nude) and Twisted Disco (lilac).

I’m most excited about the Twisted Disco shade, as I’d love to see a return to lilac lips, there’s something so Molly Ringwald about that idea, it seems young, funky, and well, kinda new in the sea of beige and nudes.
Continue reading

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Try before you buy with perfume sampler sets

I love perfumes, but I’m not so keen on the buying process. After about three spritzes they all smell the same, so it’s hard to find one that’s ‘just right’, in circumstances like that. This is why I think the perfume sampler kit is such a great idea- you buy a set with mini vials, try them at home- IN YOUR OWN TIME- and then get a fullsize version of your favourite one- included in the price. What’s not to like?

The Fragrance Sampler from Sephora is a lust have boxset, comprising of a whopping 12 testers, including one Rollerball! You get to try some great scents- Marc Jacobs Lola, Miss Pucci, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Clinique Happy- and once you’ve got your fave, you get a full-size bottle! Love it.

Vivabox, £29.99 from the Perfume Shop is the British version of the Sephora sampler set. You can choose from eight sample scents, which include Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Nina Ricci, Boss OrangDiesel Fuel for Life Unlimited, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Nina Ricci, Boss Orange and Ricci Ricci. They also have a boxset for men! Continue reading

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Rodial Crash Diet- Irresponsible advertising

Rodial is a brand I have liked and admired for a long time, so I am APPALLED, seriously appalled, by its recent product venture.Details of the soon to be launched ‘Crash Diet range’ are fairly scarce, but what we are told is that there will be ‘Crash Diet Sticks’ a ‘Crash Diet Smoothie’ and a ‘Crash Diet Cream’. The cream, OK, I can deal with that, as products that aim to tone and tighten (leaving aside whether or not you ‘can’ do that with a cream) are the norm, but it’s the shakes and sticks I disagree with.

In the summer they had their ‘skinny beach sticks’, which are sachets of powder you add to drink that is meant to help you get a base tan more easily. In the ‘crash diet sticks’ they aim to boost metabolism and speed up fat burning, by you running the sachet into a liquid which you drink. Apart from adding to your fluid intake, I can’t say how good they are for you- it’s the NAME and premise I object too.

Rodial like to be playful with their product names ‘A List Cleanser’ and ‘Glamotox’ are examples of effective products that work, but Crash Diet is going to far. This is a RESPECTED brand, known for high quality stuff, and unwittingly or not, calling a product line crash diet pushes an unhealthy attitude onto women. Sure, women should be smart enough to judge for themselves, but that’s NOT THE POINT. I feel the brand and its ethos have a MORAL obligation to push good health messages, and suggesting a ‘crash diet’ is in any way something to aim for is ridiculous.

The words crash diet conjure up images of starving young girls, painfully refusing solid to whittle a waist, and a general UNHEALTHY style of living. In this day and age of people AWARE of how bad this type of dieting can be, how DARE a brand create a range called this name? I KMOW they aren’t doing anything SLIM FAST doesn’t do, but can you really imagine that company launching now- or BEING allowed to? No, me neither.

The second issue, once the ickiness of the name has been dealt with, is WHAT THE HECK ARE RODIAL DOING? I know there is BIG money in the diet industry, but they are a SKINCARE brand, so why the move into smoothie shakes for crash dieters? Stop trying to CASH IN, stick with what you DO WELL and forget this recent ickiness. I call for an end to Crash Diets of all kind- and the associated products. Man up Rodial- and get rid of this ‘yet to be launched’ range.

Find more details on the Rodial website. Continue reading

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Pupa Angel Globe Make-up Collection

Pupa isn’t a brand you hear very much about nowadays. This could be becauses they’re concentrating on their overseas clients, but I feel that’s a shame, especially when we get makeup palettes/ornaments that are as decorative as this. The Pupa Milano Angel Globe looks like it should be dangling from the Christmas tree, and is filled with bright Duplo-esuqe colours.

I’m not sure I love the colour selection, but you get a huge amount of choice, with lips catered to as well:

  • compact blush
  • 3 compact ultra-bright eyeshadows
  • 1 applicator for eye products
  • 4 shiny lipcolours
  • 7 cream lipcolours
  • 2 lip glosses with glitter

That’s a lot of product! Sure, you may never use it, but I barely use any of my palettes, I just admire the pretty colour combos and designs on the lid. Continue reading

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Benefit Dollshouse Perfume set

I love perfume as much as the next girl, but I;ve never really though about playing dress up with my bottle and have them dance and talk to eachother. Benefit aren’t QUITE suggesting that with their Benefit Dollshouse, but the idea is there and it won’t go away. This impressive looking monument to perfume will set you back £400 from Selfridges (the purveyor of things pretty and overpriced) and hosts all perfumes in the Benefit perfume range. The price covers way more than the scents though, it includes the Crescent Row style housing that they sit in, complete with individual balconies. It certainly looks lovely, but sizewise, it’;s pretty immense, so you’d need a very big dresser to keep it on. Is it a good idea to sell something most people don’t have space for, and by making a ‘dollshouse’- well, what does that indicate that people think, or DO? with their scent. Makeup, sure, you play with that, but perfume. Ummm.

Can you imagine this little girl being this happy if there were perfumes rather than dolls in the house? No, me neither. And what a twisted world that would be, if that were a real option… Continue reading

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