Four lovely looking hot water bottles

I hate being cold. I wish I was a mole and could submerge myself for 4 months, or Paris Hilton, and spend winter in Los Angeles/a bedroom. As I’m UK bound with a budget, hot water bottles (and a high heating bill) are the next best thing. Here are five cosy hot water bottles that have caught my eye- either for cuddliness, or quirkiness.

The Kitten shaped hot water bottle looks adorable, you just want to hug it and stroke it and play with it all day long! The fact that it heats is just a bonus! Get it from the Japan Trend Shop

Owl Hottie from Accessorize is lovely. Sooo lovely. I love the eyes shut, bow in hair, sleepy cosy thing it has going on, the kitschy sweetie, just general sense of right ness it give me. Yes, I have now gone and bought this…

This Penguin Hot Water Bottle from Play is very cute, and looks very strokeable. People will think you are a four year old though- or have stolen it from one.

Cupcake Hot Water Bottle from M&S ! Cupcakes are in, dontcha know? This one is the furriest of them all, and feels great against my cheek.

Next stop: Bed and thermal underwear. Well, there is meant to be snow on the way!

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