The Kush Tube offers boob comfort whilst you sleep

Do you worry about your boobs when you sleep? Unless you’re a cousin of Lolo Ferrari or Jordan, I doubt it bothers you that much. Sure, they can be sore at *that* time of the month, but mostly you just chug down a Nurofen and forget about it. Well, now you can ‘maintain a more natural position while resting on your side’ with the Kush Tube for boobs. Hmm, isn’t the act of lying on your side natural? Apparently not, or at least not TV style boobs appropriate. I think the idea is to stop sagging, but really? I’m sure having a thick wedge of pink (or tan!) foam between the breasts will be oh so comfortable.. unless of course, you use it for something else. What? Well- she’s smiling in the picture…

Get it for $20 here.[source]

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