Beauty Mishaps from the Apprentice 2010

I have a confession to make. This year is the first time I have EVER watched the Apprentice. I know, just shoot me now. For someone who mass consumes most popular culture (yes to Big Brother, no to I’m a Celebrity) I’m finding that I LOVE the show. Love, love it. But seriously, what’s with the makeup? There is simply no excuse for some of the travesties of style that have been going on, and yes, I know ‘workplace/TV chic’ is hard to pull off, but c’mon. Pretty much every lady involved has made a mistake, and I will now point them out, Top Model style.


Sheesh, miss ‘I get on with it and don’t need to talk about it’, has a serious problem with slug eyes. We’re talking teenage style levels of black eyeliner that give her eyes a boggled look and make you wince every time she said something particularly irrelevant. And what’s with her ONE hairstyle- an Alice band braid of hair around her locks? Thumbs down.

Paoloma Vivanco

Yes, you were feisty, and I loved your GHD’d locks, but there is more than ONE shade of lipstick in the colour spectrum, why go for ‘ballbreaker chic’ everytime?

Stella English

I like you Stella, I really do. I think you put up with awful people, you stay cheerful and that you’re very personable. For gods sake though USE SOME BLUSH. Seriously. In this promo photo you look JUST about OK, but normally you’re whiter than Nicola Roberts on a comedown. Anything- powder, cream, smarties.. just PUT something on.

Liz Locke

Liz, Liz. You’re pretty much a favourite to win (if only Sugar didn’t love boys so much), with your covergirl looks, friendly smile and FLAWLESS makeup.. but what;s with the Victoria Beckham hair?

Surely you can’t be a Posh in training? That aside, you rock- GO TEAM LIZ!!!

Laura Moore

In the course of writing this, I learnt that Laura Moore is 22. 22? WTF, she looks 32? Maybe it’s her odd, off kilter attitude or those slanting cat eyes, but 22 seems way too young. Loose the HEAVY foundation, the unnecessary eye makeup, and maybe go for something softer on the face.. do something different!

Joanna Riley

I’m rather fond of Joanna. She has LEARNT from her mistakes (never shout at Sugar), is a devoted MUM, and isn’t afraid of speaking up. But really- wear some COLOUR. With that great skin, she can afford a dash of purple or blue, not the dazed, just woken up sleepy look she sports in most shows. I won’t comment on the overdrawn eyebrows, as that is the pic above, not the norm.

Left but not forgotten….

Joy Stefanicki

She looks OK in this pic, but remember that flushed complexion and blotchy skin? This is understandable under stress, but a good primer would have helped her out no end. Also, try adding serum to the hair- will work wonders.

Melissa Cohen

God, I HATED her. People who don’t stop shouting REALLY stress me out. She was annoying, she was shouty and she had BAD hair. Enough said.

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