Katy Perry Purr makes me go miaow

I’m a Katy Perry fan. Like a BIG fan. This is before I even HEARD her sounds, I just liked her  retro look, her refusal to go down the blonde cookie cutter route, and liked her taste in shoes and lipstick. Then IO heard her poptart style songs, and was like, yeah, this girl I GET. Now she has a scent. Hmm. The bottle is cute enough to make me go ‘LIKE’, but would I really want to smell like her? What would she smell like?

Here are my thoughts:

-Russell Brand (sweat, alcohol, sweat, man scent)

-Lollipops (sugar, spice and all things nice)

-Cherry (you must get the reference right?)

Champagne (well, party girl, right?)

Here’s what SHE says she smells like:

-Bulgarian Rose

-Vanilla Orchid

-Creamy Sandalwood

Hmm. This sounds far too sophisticated for someone who has a bottle shaped like a cat. Thumbs down. Still want it though…

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