Beauty Addicts unite

Being a beauty addict is a way of life. It doesn’t mean that you’re over-privileged or have more money than sense, it means that you take pleasure in the prettier side of life, from the way water vapour coalesces on windows, to the satiny feel of your hair after a good brush. There are so many harsh and unpleasant things out there that it’s nice to have a section of the web that concentrates on the pretty, devours the divine and writes about the delicious. Yes, I also like alliteration- doesn’t that word just roll off the tongue?

Addicted to Beauty is a celebration of the many pretty, shiny and sweet things out there, from lush looking palettes to perfumes that conjure up memories of seashells and stickiness. Often I’ll broach into fashion and geekery- cos they’re rather beautiful too!

Most products will not have been purchased by me, but all reviews are 100% honest, and currently I do not take advertorial.

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